The Retailer Community Service Award honors a wine and spirits retailer, on-premise or off-premise, who has made significant contributions to building a sense of unity and purpose in his or her community. The awardee is someone who demonstrates positive values and behaviors that influence and inspire others to better stewards of their community and effect positive changes. The awardee must show evidence and measurable results of how they have impacted and built a stronger community, such as leading volunteer programs or outreach centers. They must be seen as a mentor in their community.


Criteria to consider: 

  • Evidence of building stronger communities such as leading volunteer programs, social groups, outreach centers, sports programs, etc.  
  • Mentorship in the community 
  • Contributions to community programs or initiatives with measurable results of how they impacted participants of that community program/initiative 


Retailer Community Service Award

Time Range
4:30 - 5:15 pm